YouTube reviewer Sean Cannell made $40,000 in April from Amazon


Sean Cannell dropped out of college and started making hundreds of videos for a small church almost two decades ago. Now, he has his own YouTube channel with more than a million subscribers and a team of 11 reviewing cameras and accessories that are sold on Amazon.

“I remember my first Amazon affiliate commissions paycheck, which was back in 2010, and it was for $2.12,” Cannell said. “Ten years later, in April of 2020, we almost hit $40,000 in profit from just the Amazon Associates program, which was nearly $1 million in sales for Amazon.” 

Cannell is a professional reviewer who makes his living in part through the Amazon Affiliate program. When someone watches one of his reviews and clicks the Amazon link he includes in the description, his Think Media team makes a commission on any product sold to that customer within 24 hours, even if it’s not the item they reviewed.

Watch the video to see a typical hectic day in the life of a professional reviewer.


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