What causes the terrace drain to clog?

What causes the terrace drain to clog?

What causes the terrace drain to clog?

In addition to all the plumbing in the house, a main sewer line Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– is  often connected to external drains. For example, terrace and balcony drains, roof drains, road drains and more. Just like every plumbing system, these external drains are not invulnerable to clogging. Leaves, dirt and heavy thunderstorms can clog external drains easily.

In the same way as any siphon tube, an external siphon tube can break or clog with the “help” of a tree root. The drain cleaning crew will undertake, the maintenance and cleaning of the siphons and sewers in addition to the unblocking of indoor and outdoor siphons,.

When is it more likely that the balcony drain gets clogged?

The balcony siphon can be clogged any day of the year, but this usually happens more intensely during the fall with the extreme weather phenomena. In autumn the leaves from garden shrubs and trees are scattered all over the ground and the wind accumulates them at the edges of the balconies where the siphons are. When it starts to rain then all the leaves, dust and dirt on the balconies causing a blockage in the balcony drain.

This gradually leads to the creation of stagnant water that can become breeding ground for bacteria and insects such as mosquitoes, bees and flies. A more urgent concern is that to me such a blockage could cause a flood of rainwater to your property or your own home. The good news is that a blocked external drain Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη– is not very difficult to clean.

Also, during the winter months, siphons can freeze from low temperatures and heavy snowfall, causing pipes to rupture and siphon to clog. During freezing or a heavy snowstorm, it can block the drainage dam.

The creation of ice from the melting snow creates a blockage in the siphons of the balcony and floods. To avoid such situations you should periodically check that all external drains and drainage siphons are clean and free to accept water.

How to clean a clogged balcony siphon

Every blockage, such as a clogged balcony siphon, requires special handling to clean it. Each external drain must have a grille over the siphon to filter out debris and leaves. In addition to cleaning the grill itself, other actions are required.

1. Elimination of debris and sediments

Some small leaves, dirt and debris, due to the air, accumulate in the siphon of the balcony. This can cause a mass or debris to form that will clog the balcony siphon. To clean the drain, open the siphon to see if there is an accumulation of debris just below it.
Use a wire brush or your hands (with gloves) to remove the material causing the blockage . Keep in mind that some drains may have branches, so make sure you clean each drain pipe in all directions. However, one essential thing to do at regular intervals is to keep the drain line clean for it to work properly.

It is better to get your hands dirty for an hour, instead of having annoying and unhealthy problems.

2. The importance of regular drainage maintenance

If the siphon of an external drain is not cleaned for a long time, debris and sediment will flow into the drain pipe itself. This will create the need to call an obstruction company (Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη). Therefore, regular scheduled maintenance will save you money and prevent potential damage in the future.

3. Check the drain pipes for the siphon drain

Once you have cleaned the debris, check that the water is flowing properly through the pipes. Install a garden hose into the drain pipes and flush away any debris. A clean drain -Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς- should receive and dispose of water quickly. But if the water stops flowing, there are two possible causes. Either there is a blockage in the line or the pipe is damaged.

Try using more pressure and insert the watering hose into the hose. Water pressure can help push the dam and free the line. Pushing the hose back and forth can also help break a barrier.

Remember to call a drain cleaning crew whenever you are facing an issue that requires professional help.

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