Sex and internet

Sex and internet

Sex and internet

The absolute transparency in sex was completed and maximized with the internet. Golden diamond escorts claim that the most occult moments of a couple at the sight of the whole planet, even in the form of an advertising trick.

Millions of citizens mobilized in 1999, expecting to see for the first time in sex two young men from the USA, which ultimately did not take place.

Lack of time

The modern vibrant lifestyle, the pursuit of wealth and success has diminished our free time. But love, relationship, companionship, visit to escorts… but sex require free time. This is exactly what modern man lacks. Stress has a negative effect on sexual life.

Many people find that stress has a more negative effect on their sex lives than children, work, health problems, boredom, inexperience or financial problems.

Of course, this is not surprising if we consider the pressures and upheavals imposed by the modern way of life. Often the multiple demands and obligations imposed on us or created on ourselves are far more than reasonable.

How stress works on women?

In women, stress suppresses sexual drive. Stress hormones negatively affect female hormones and the result is a suppression of women’s desire for sex.

Women who suffer from stress while running between children and spouses, schools and work, shopping and households, know very well how much this situation extinguishes any mood for sex.

How sex works on men?

In men, physical or psychological stress causes a direct drop in testosterone in the blood. Decreased testosterone suppresses men’s sexual drive. At the same time, stress in men undermines sexual performance greece athens escorts say. It contributes to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

These disorders of men’s sexual function are unfortunately very common and stress is to blame for a large percentage of cases. Erectile dysfunction is very vulnerable to stress not only in men but also in many other species.

The desire for eternal youth

The desire for eternal youth is the goal of today’s greedy man.
All adults have a particular phobia about ageing. That’s why they resort to both cosmetic surgery and medication to stay young, slow down ageing, or at least look younger or work like young people.

Because sexuality is mainly associated with young age, many people believe that if they maintain a strong sexual function or manage to function with a much younger partner, they prove to themselves and the environment that they remain young.

In fact, they are simply oppressing themselves or engaging in sexually explicit games that lead to sexual dysfunction and psychological problems. Because yes, man retains the ability to have sex until old age, but performance and performance change with age.


AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases

AIDS and some other sexually transmitted diseases (hepatitis, wart virus) have taught us that sexual intercourse can lead to death. This harsh reality, which concerns all of us, has effectively affected people’s sex lives.

Particularly annoying for humans is the process of waiting a long time to get a clear answer as to whether or not to catch the virus after a dangerous contact.

The medicalization of sex

Medicine in recent decades has also been used to treat sexual dysfunction. Although its contribution is substantial, since sexual dysfunction is usually successfully treated, medical intervention is not entirely without consequences.

On the one hand, it risks depriving sexuality of its spontaneity, and on the other hand, it creates the false impression that sexual dysfunctions are diseases, since they are treated with drugs. In reality, however, dysfunction is only a symptom of psychological and physical difficulties.


Sexuality at the end of the 20th century faced significant problems and difficulties.

The main problem of men is the questioning of their manhood and primacy. The main problem for women is that they no longer feel happy at home or at work.

Society seems to demand for a man a quick steel erection, every time a beautiful woman athens call girls passes by.

Respectively for the woman requires endless orgasms in the first male touch. For both of them, an unbridled sexual desire…

It is necessary for each of us to persistently seek his own measure that expresses him and gives him pleasure.

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