Pornhub is offering free premium memberships

Pornhub is offering free premium memberships


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Adult entertainment website Pornhub has just given people stuck in coronavirus lockdown one more way to pass their time. 

The company this week announced free premium membership to viewers in France and Spain, after doing the same for Italy a week prior. 

“In light of expanding quarantines, we are extending Free Pornhub Premium for the month to our friends in France! Pornhub will also donate this month’s sales from Modelhub… Courage France!” the company posted on its Twitter account Tuesday.

It announced the same for Spain in a similar tweet. Modelhub is Pornhub’s adult content marketplace.

A premium subscription normally costs $9.99 per month, or $7.99 per month with a year-long package. Premium offers no ads, faster streaming, high-speed downloads, higher video quality, full DVDs, “discreet billing” and anytime cancellation, according to Pornhub’s website. 

France, Spain and Italy are among the European countries hardest-hit by the coronavirus, and whose citizens are required to stay indoors for the foreseeable future in an effort to slow the virus’s spread. 

Pornhub’s traffic saw dramatic spikes in all three countries after the offers were announced, statistics from its blog “Pornhub Insights” revealed.

Increase in afternoon viewership

Pornhub actually published a series of charts in a blog post entitled “Coronavirus Insights” to show how traffic to the site has grown as millions around the world self-isolate in their homes. On the days that the free premium memberships hit Italy, France and Spain, traffic in each country jumped a whopping 57%, 38% and 61% compared to an “average day,” respectively, the company revealed. 

Worldwide on March 17, the day with the most recent available data, traffic to Pornhub was up 11.6%. 

The statistics “clearly illustrate that people all over Europe were happy to have distractions while quarantined at home,” the company wrote on its blog. 

Afternoon traffic has jumped as well, which the blog’s authors attribute to more people working from the comfort of their homes. Worldwide traffic at 1 p.m. on March 17 was 26.4% higher than usual. 

An increase in traffic to the adult site appeared to correlate with the virus’s spread, and the increase in the number of people working from home. In the first two weeks of March, traffic from the U.S., the site’s largest market, was up around 2% compared to a normal day, but by March 17, it was up more than 6%. 

Canada and the U.K. showed similar climbing traffic numbers, increasing from a rate of 2% higher use than what the company called an “average day” at the end of February, to more than 7% higher this week. In the Netherlands, traffic had jumped to 14% higher in roughly two weeks. 

The highest traffic jump in countries without the free membership offer came from Hong Kong, which reached a 23.4% increase on March 17, followed by India, with an 18% increase. 


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