NY Gov. Cuomo holds a press conference on the coronavirus outbreak

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to hold a press conference on the COVID-19 outbreak, which has infected more than 20,800 people in the state as of Monday.

New York has been the hardest hit state in the country, recording more cases of the coronavirus than South Korea, France or Switzerland, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. On Monday, Cuomo issued an emergency order Monday directing hospitals to increase their capacity by 50% but asked they try to go above that threshold if possible.

Cuomo also estimated up to 80% of the state’s more than 19.4 million residents will get the coronavirus. Last week, Cuomo estimated there are likely “tens of thousands” of COVID-19 cases in the state among residents who didn’t know they had it.

“Many people will get the virus but few will truly be in danger,” he said Monday.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.S. stands at more than 46,400 and at least 593 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

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