NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds a press conference on the coronavirus outbreak

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds a press conference on the coronavirus outbreak


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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is holding his daily press conference on the Covid-19 outbreak, which has infected more than 327,469 people across the state as of Friday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

On Thursday, Cuomo said he’s not willing to trade people’s lives to reopen the state’s economy, saying it’s “absurd” to argue over how many deaths are worth reopening the state.

“This is not a situation where you can go to the American people and say, ‘How many lives are you willing to lose to reopen the economy?’ We don’t want to lose any lives. You start to hear these, to me, what are absurd arguments,” Cuomo said at his daily press briefing.

On Wednesday, Cuomo said most new Covid-19 hospitalizations in New York state are from people who were staying home and not venturing much outside. The preliminary data was from 100 New York hospitals involving about 1,000 patients, Cuomo said at his daily briefing.

It shows that 66% of new admissions were from people who had largely been sheltering at home. The next highest source of admissions was from nursing homes, 18%.

“This is a surprise: Overwhelmingly, the people were at home,” he said. “We thought maybe they were taking public transportation, and we’ve taken special precautions on public transportation, but actually no, because these people were literally at home.”

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