NFL teams can begin reopening facilities on Tuesday if state and local governments allow

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports | Reuters

The NFL on Friday announced that it will allow teams to begin reopening facilities that meet specific criteria as early as Tuesday.

Teams will be allowed to re-open facilities located in regions where state and local governments allow it. Additionally, each team will be limited to not more than 75 people at its facilities, according to a memo sent out by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

These facilities must be in compliance with public health requirements and they must have implemented protocols developed by the NFL’s chief medical officer. Coaching staff will not be permitted to return to facilities “to ensure equity among all 32 clubs,” and only players who are undergoing medical treatment or rehabilitation will be permitted, Goodell wrote.

“This first phase of reopening is an important step in demonstrating our ability to operate safety and effectively, even in the current environment,” Goodell said in his memo to teams. 

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