New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds a press conference on the coronavirus outbreak


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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is holding a news conference Wednesday as the state continues to push forward with its reopening plans, albeit at a careful pace as outbreaks surge in other parts of the country.

On Monday, Cuomo said President Donald Trump is exacerbating the coronavirus pandemic by playing down the problem and telling Americans they don’t have to wear a mask.

“He wants to deny the Covid virus. He has from day one. ‘Well it’s just like the flu. Well it’s going to be gone by Easter. It’s going to get warm and disappear like a miracle.’ He’s said all of things, and none of them were true,” he said.

Cuomo pointed to his own work in New York during the briefing as an example for other states to contain the virus. There were 817 people hospitalized with the coronavirus in New York, he said Monday, which was the lowest level of Covid-19 hospitalizations since early in the outbreak.

New York has slowly reopened its economy in phases, allowing New York City to begin its phase 3 reopening on Monday, which allowed for nail salons, spas, tattoo parlors, among other businesses, to return.

However, Cuomo previously said that New York City restaurants will not be allowed to reopen indoor dining areas as the coronavirus outbreaks continue to grow in other states.

“We have to be careful. We have dark clouds on the horizon and we’ve made tremendous progress,” Cuomo said at a news briefing last week.

The coronavirus has infected more than 398,237 people in New York, the most of any state across the country, and 2.99 million people in the U.S., according to Johns Hopkins University data.

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