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How to make a Facebook avatar


Facebook released a new way to make a cartoon image of yourself last week. It’s called Avatars, and it’s similar to Snap’s Bitmoji or Apple’s Animoji. And it only takes about 10 minutes to set up.

There are millions of different customizations available so your avatar can look like you do in real life, only in cartoon form. Once it’s set up, you can use the Avatar version of yourself as a sticker in comments, stories, and messages on Facebook.

To get started, you need the Facebook app for iOS or Android. This tutorial covers the iPhone version.

Here’s how to set up Facebook Avatars:

  • Tap the button on the bottom right corner with three lines and navigate to “See More.” Select “Avatars.”
  • Follow the prompts. It asks for your skin tone, hair style, and other style features.
  • If you’re having trouble finding all the options, try tapping on the bar above the options and below your avatar in progress.
  • You can select eye shape, eyebrows, nose shape, body shape and your outfit, among other customizations. 
  • When your avatar is how you want it to look, tap the checkmark in the upper right corner. There’s also a selfie button below it so you can compare how it looks to a photo of your face.

That’s all there is to it. Facebook automatically uploads your avatar into its system so you can post it anywhere you’d leave a comment. You can also send stickers in texts and other apps through the share button. 


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