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Everything you need to know about security doors

πόρτες ασφαλείας

The need for safer living conditions inside the house, led door – πόρτες ασφαλείας – manufacturers to create new and specialized technologies. Now, we have left the wooden or plastic frames that we saw in the houses twenty or more years ago. Security doors came to establish themselves in the frame market.

These doors not only offer security, combined of course with a good security lock, they also offer high aesthetics. Security doors nowadays are a very good investment for homes. But what are security doors?

Which doors are in the first choices of buyers?

Security doors are divided into aluminum security doors, wood security doors, PVC or veneered doors, and you can find all of them with a coating of many colors.

Aluminum security doors are the most popular and this is because the aluminum they are made of is extremely durable and shows great resistance over time.

However, the cost of purchasing an aluminum security door is higher compared to other construction materials. The aluminum security doors offer high functionality and aesthetics, while they withstand all weather conditions and sudden weather changes.

Security doors made with wood cladding offer security and high aesthetics. The naturalness that wood gives, offers a different style to the house.

PVC security doors are the most economical option, but they do not have the same durability and lifespan as the two above. For this very reason, these doors are manufactured for indoor use only.

Laminate security doors offer protection and are more economical than aluminum doors. Laminate doors offer high aesthetics, while wood cladding can also be done on them. But they don’t have a long lifespan.

The security doors are made to be installed, either inside or outside the house and you can find them in several options. External security doors will relieve you of the anxiety you may have about the security of your home. Also, their durability is high and such a door can last a lifetime.

As for the cost of acquiring and replacing a security door, it depends on several factors. The type of door armor, the security lock you want it to contain, the door lining material and finally the system manufacturer, determine the final price.

Armor on a security door can be single, double or even triple. The more armor levels there are, the more security it offers, and therefore the cost of its purchase. As for the lock, no matter how good a security door is, it won’t perform at its best if it doesn’t have a very good security lock. You should keep in mind that the lock should always contain defender.

Security doors can be lined with many materials, as we mentioned above. The investment is what determines the aesthetics, as well as the cost.

The cost of buying a security door starts at 250 euros. However, their design is very simple and their lock ordinary. Some security doors can cost more than 3000 euros.

You can invest in a security door, replacing your old door. The cost of installing the new door ranges up to 150 euros and the process only takes a few hours.

Finally, locks are available with many security levels and in many types. A simple economic security lock costs 25 euros, while there are security locks that cost up to 300 euros.

But before you buy a security door and invest your money in it, it’s a good idea to keep the following tips in mind.

  • Don’t be swayed by offers and low prices on security doors. A very cheap security door will certainly not be of high quality and therefore will not provide security.
  • Choose security doors, where security system manufacturers are known. These doors may be expensive, but they are better than doors from an unknown security company.

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