Employees will get what was not released from LG smartphones

θήκες κινητών

Employees will get what was not released from LG smartphones

Speaking of work privileges, LG employees have the opportunity to acquire the LG Rollable and other models and phone cases – θήκες κινητών – that were not released. This means that they will be able to get models that no one else can acquire.

LG’s decision to leave the smartphone market, left some models of smartphones that were close to production, literally on the shelf. These models, including the LG Rollable, will be available to company employees at a discounted price.

According to what became known via Twitter, the LG Rainbow, or LG Velvet 2 Pro, which was not released, can be acquired by LG employees in Korea for $ 176. Imagine at this price you get a Snapdragon 888, Full HD OLED screen at 6.8 inches, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB internal memory and 4500 mAh battery.

About 3,000 units are available to the company’s employees, with a limit of 2 devices per employee. It is estimated that in Korea alone LG’s workforce reaches 70,000 people, so this stock will leave very quickly…

LG Rainbow: The unknown flagship of LG

About a month ago, we learned about LG’s decision to retire from the smartphone market forever. Following a declining trend over many years, the Korean tech giant felt it was time to say goodbye to the mobile business forever.

As is the case when a company withdraws from the market and throws a white towel, so with LG, many of its unreleased devices have come to light lately! One of them is the LG Rainbow, a flagship, which will be sold domestically exclusively to the employees of the Korean company!

Specifically, the LG Rainbow is essentially the LG Velvet 2 Pro and it is a separate device, due to the sleek design lines and the design in its main camera setup.

Will be sold exclusively to its employees!

As it became known, 3000 of these devices are expected to be available to employees who wish, with the possibility that each employee can buy two devices. In fact, according to the leak mentioned on the LG Rainbow, a relative guarantee of 6 months will be provided or for as long as there will be hardware parts available in its factories.

It is worth noting that the cost for an LG employee to buy this phone will be around $ 170 and employees who buy it are then prohibited from selling it, which is why the specs of the LG Rainbow are going to remain forever sealed… secret.

Of course, despite the ban, some of them will still be sold on eBay, at a price possibly five times the purchase price, as we already believe that it has acquired mobile collectible status

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