Do you know when you must replace your old plumbing?


Do you know when you must replace your old plumbing?

A plumbing fixtureυδραυλικοί Αθήνα does not mean that you have to replace it just because it is old. If something is still working properly, then there is no reason to replace or repair it. But when should we replace old plumbing in a property? This is a question that many people have posed. Sometimes

We asked the specialist team of 24gr and below we mention some of the most obvious signs that show us that the old plumbing installation of the house needs repair or change. Please be careful and know when it is time to replace your old plumbing system, as it can be harmful for your own health!

1. The tap water stops being clean and is muddy

It is supposed that the water supply is clean and drinkable (mainly in the area of ​​the Athens region). So, when you turn on the tap and see that the running water is not clean and clear, instead it has a certain shade of any color, then this should make you wonder, and even with concern, about what exactly is happening.

You should also pay special attention in case the water has a darker color (a shade of brown). This is a clear sign that usually indicates that there is some kind of corrosion in the plumbing pipes. What happens; As the water flows and flows through the plumbing of the house to reach us and up to our tap, it can carry away and carry in our glass any rust that may be present in the old plumbing pipes of the house.

Water that is dark in color should not be used and it is necessary to call a plumber to diagnose and repair the problem. In addition you should be aware that old water pipes that were installed decades ago may rust at some point. An old rusty water pipe can very easily cause more damage to our home such as water leaks, moisture, etc.

And this is because, when there is rust in the plumbing, sediments easily accumulate in the piping around the rusty spots.

At these points in the piping we may have small or large water leaks or even from a broken water pipe. It can also cause clogging of the pipelines as mineral deposits accumulate around the rusty spots of the old hydraulic pipe which slowly block the passage and block the normal flow of water. This will dramatically increase your chances of clogging the pipeline and soon breaking due to the pressure of the water pushing to find a way out.

2. The water smells foully

Does your tap water smell bad? Smell-containing water, any kind of odor, may indicate the accumulation of bacteria in the water pipes. And if this happens to your property plumbing, then you have another sign that could lead you to some parts of your plumbing system that need to be replaced immediately. If you happen to notice dirt or if your water is not clear, then this might mean that something has interfered with your plumbing system. Any slow draining performance will also mean that you have issues.

You need to examine your outdoor pipes to see if any of your floor drains is clogged and after that, you need to examine your indoor pipes. The dirt in the water coming from the faucet could mean that there is paint chipping from your walls that somehow end up in your pipes, mold or rusty pipes. This can be quite dangerous for your family’s health as this water is used for cooking and maybe drinking.

Call a plumber immediately and start scheduling your plumbing reconstruction as soon as possible.

3. Mold and moisture from water leakage

It is not uncommon to have an emergency water leak in our home from a water or sewer pipe. Such a failure can occur from time to time, especially if the plumbing is old, ie older than 20 years. If you repair the leaking points in time, then the piping should work again without problems and you will be fine.

However, not all leaks are necessarily obvious. There are also hidden water leaks. And they are insidious leaks because they can remain hidden behind walls and water for a long time, without realizing their destructive work.
The only way to detect any such well-hidden water leaks is to prevent damage:

a) Regularly check all plumbing fixtures in your home for leaks and make repairs where necessary for their maintenance.
b) Do not ignore signs of mold or peeling paint on the walls and ceilings. These signs if not due to fluid penetration

Call the experts in plumbing

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