companies must put their money where their mouth is

companies must put their money where their mouth is


Endeavor chief marketing officer Bozoma Saint John said Monday that she wants to see more companies put money behind their statements against racial injustice. 

Saint John, who was previously chief brand officer at Uber and the head of consumer marketing for Apple, said on “Closing Bell” that she wanted companies to make “systematic changes” and not just use the nationwide protests as a marketing opportunity. 

“I want to see more corporations put their money where their mouths are. Of course talk is cheap. Money isn’t cheap. Money goes to fuel defense. It goes to fuel action. So I want more corporations to put their money where their mouth is,” Saint John said. 

As demonstrations and protests swept across the country last week and over the weekend following the death of George Floyd, many companies have expressed support for the protests on social media. Apparel giant Nike released a video advertisement titled “For Once, Don’t Do It.”

Saint John said that it was important to employees and workers that companies to make such statements. 

“Even if it’s not perfect, acknowledging this very moment in time is extraordinarily important,” she said.  

Saint John did single out Twitter for praise, citing that the company put “Black Lives Matter” in its social media bio. 

“Right now I feel like a lot corporations and perhaps most politically correct ways of talking is not necessarily about blackness. And right now that’s what we’re talking about. That complete issue, that total issue, is what we are talking about, and so let’s not color it with anything else,” she said. 


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