Apple employee in Ireland tests positive

Apple employee in Ireland tests positive


A pedestrian walks near a sign at Apple Inc.’s campus in Cork, Ireland.

Aiden Crawley | Bloomberg | Getty Images

An Apple employee in the company’s Cork, Ireland office has tested positive for coronavirus, Apple said on Tuesday. It’s the first known infection of one of Apple’s employees.

“One of our employees in Cork has been confirmed to have Covid-19,” Apple told CNBC. “We are closely coordinating with the local health authorities who feel the risk to others is low, and the individual remains in self-isolation. As a precaution, we have asked some of our team members to stay at home while we work with the Health and Safety Executive to assess the situation. We are continuing to regularly deep clean all our offices and stores and will take all necessary precautions in accordance with guidance from health authorities.”

In the U.S., Apple has asked all of its employees at its Cupertino headquarters to work from home if possible.

Google confirmed on Feb. 28 that one of its employees in a Zurich office contracted coronavirus. Amazon and Microsoft employees in Washington have also tested positive and have instructed employees to work from home.

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