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  • Ahmad Jamal

    Ahmad Jamal

    The great trio with Israel Crosby and Vernel Fournier at the height of its powers in 1959. This comes from the CBS television show the Robert Herridge... 4234 views
  • Dexter Gordon

    Dexter Gordon

    This 1971 footage opens with Dexter warming up in the dressing room and then in performance at the famed Copenhagen club with Kenny Drew on piano and ... 4050 views
  • Woody Shaw

    Woody Shaw

    A beautiful, incisive version of Thelonious Monk’s “Bemsha Swing” by the great Woody Shaw with Stanley Cowell, David Williams and Teri-Lyne Carrington... 4377 views
  • Louis Armstrong

    Louis Armstrong

    Louis Armstrong and his All Stars with Edmond Hall and Trummy Young on the 1958 Timex TV show performing Kid Ory's "Muskrat Ramble". Because this is t... 7036 views
  • Wes Montgomery

    Wes Montgomery

    The Stan Tracey trio with a very young Rick Laird backs up Wes on this 1965 British taping of one of Montgomery’s better known compositions. 4494 views
  • Groucho Marx

    Groucho Marx

    Nearly five minutes of Groucho Marx and Margaret Dumont from what has been cited as one of the best Marx Brothers films, “Duck Soup” from 1933. 4148 views
  • Eddie Condon

    Eddie Condon

    A killer 1964 performance of "Royal Garden Blues" from Eddie Condon's All Stars with fiery solos from Edmond Hall, Wild Bill Davison, Cutty Cutshall a... 4893 views
  • Ella Fitzgerald

    Ella Fitzgerald

    Where else but in an Abbott & Costello movie (“Ride Em Cowboy” - 1941) would you find The Merry Macs and Ella Fitzgerald in a bus in the desert with E... 4228 views
  • Stan Kenton

    Stan Kenton

    Stan Kenton’s band from a 1944 Soundie featuring bassist Eddie Safranski, Buddy Childers and Freddie Zito on “Southern Scandal” (a take-off on the the... 4832 views
  • Carnival in Rio

    Carnival in Rio

    This background into the escolas de samba gives a glimpse into the eighth wonder of the world - the night the schools of samba down the main street in... 4537 views